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How to maintain disposable vape pen

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How to maintain disposable vape pen

The popularity of disposable vape pen has taken the world by storm, and it can come in many forms. Not only are e-cigarettes safer to use, but they can help individuals curb their smoking habit. How to maintain electronic cigarettes to prolong their service life?

  • What is a disposable vape pen?

  • How to use disposable vape pen correctly?

  • How to maintain disposable vape pen?

What is a disposable vape pen?

You should know some common terms associated with e-cigarettes. There is a mouthpiece, which is essentially a cartridge attached to the end of a tube. The atomizer is also a key component of an e-cigarette, heating the liquid and inevitably vaporizing it. The e-cigarette also comes with a battery that helps power the heating element. The solution is probably the most important part and can also be unique to each user. Often called e-liquid, it's a combination of nicotine and flavors.

How to use disposable vape pen correctly?

When you're ready to use your disposable vape pen, start with an initial puff. This is done to test the device to make sure all components are in working order. A quick inhalation into the mouth allows you to effectively test the device. After the first successful puff, inhale slowly. The next draw should be slow and methodical. Try not to get the vapor into your lungs; it should always fill your mouth at first. You also need to make sure not to swallow the steam! Doing this incorrectly can affect your lungs in harmful ways.

How to maintain disposable vape pen?

1.      Replace the battery in the main unit in time, do not wait for the weak battery to be replaced. Timely battery replacement seems like a good idea for every user, but it's not. Dual battery devices have slower battery replacement due to series voltage. But for a single-battery console, sustained high power output can drain the battery very quickly. The battery after power consumption cannot reach the high power output capability set by the device, which directly affects the user experience.

2.      Pay attention to clean up the condensation water or e-liquid near the interface of the main unit. During the use of the atomizer, the accumulation or leakage of condensate will inevitably occur. Even if these liquids are treated, damage to the host can be effectively avoided. If not dealt with in time, the condensed water will corrode metal parts such as screws on the top of the main unit. Even for some hosts without electrode leakage protection, the liquid may flow into the host and cause more damage to the host.

3.      Regularly wipe the battery contacts inside the main unit and the positive and negative poles of the battery. Although the battery contacts inside the host are mostly gold or silver plated, they still cannot be oxidized. Regularly wipe the battery contacts and clean the positive and negative carbons of the battery, which can ensure the normal current output of the battery and ensure that the host maintains the best output state at any time.

4.      The electrode interface part is the most problematic part of the host. Cleaning the oxides of the electrode part during daily use can ensure the smooth connection between the host and the atomizer. At the same time, if the main unit is not used for a long time, it is recommended to remove the atomizer. In particular, the drop-type atomizer with a long positive screw should be removed in time to reduce the pressure of the atomizer on the main electrode. When not in use, it is recommended to remove the pod and store the pod and pod separately. Do not assemble. Also check the ink cartridge contact points for condensation and wipe it clean in time. The three most common problems and solutions in the use of small cigarettes

Regardless of the type of vaping device, it is important to maintain regular maintenance. If you are looking for a disposable vape pen supplier that can provide good quality at a reasonable price, ShenZhen Ocity Times Technology Co., Ltd is a great choice.




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