• Q What is an e-cigarette/vape?

    A Acoding to generlly acrepted defmitins "An electronic igarete is an electronic devce that sitmulates fobacco smokin .ft consits of an atomizer, a powersource such as abatey, and a container such as a cartidge or tank Instead of smoke,the user inhales aerosol As such,using an e-aigarete is oftencalld 'vaig .The atomizr is a heatngelemet tht atonizes a liud oltioncalled e-liquid.E-cigaretes are acivated by taking a uf or pressing a button.Some loklke traditional cigaretes, and most versions arereusable."
  • Q Where can I buy HAPP electronic cigarette?

    A They are available at nearby vape stores, if not, please contact us directly!
  • Q What is HAPP disposable Vape?

    A HAPP Disposable Vapes are non-rechargeable/rechargeable vaping devices that come pre-charged and pre-filled with different flavors of vape juice. These vaping devices were designed to be as convenient as possible, and they use different strengths of salt nicotine such as 0 mg/mL, 20 mg/mL, and 50 mg/mL to provide users with a satisfying nicotine hit that mimics the smoking experience.
  • Q Burnt taste detected. Possible causes and solutions

    .You have depleted the device’s liquid supply. If it is a disposable device, you can now appropriately throw it away.
    .Don’t vape while charging the device
    .Pace your vaping. You might be vaping too quickly
  • Q What to do if the device gets too hot?

    .Pace your vaping. You might be vaping too quickly and overwhelming the device.
    Please take a break and let the device cool for at least 15 minutes, without use.
    .If the temperature of the device remains too hot, there might be an issue with the battery. Please contact your HAPP supplier, and in the meantime, keep the device in a safe place.
  • Q Vape is leaking

    .Pace your vaping. You might be vaping too quickly
    .Your vape is being held or used in a bad angle
    .Don’t use your vape while it’s charging.
  • Q Light Indicators not working correctly

    .If the LED lights are not working correctly during your first attempts at using the device, please contact your local supplier/seller to report the issue.
    .If the lights stopped working correctly after using the device for a long time, it’s probably because the battery is empty or close to being empty. If you’re using a disposable device (unable to be recharged), please dispose of it safely and appropriately.
  • Q How to safely maintain your HAPP device

    .When not in use, keep your vape in a dry area, avoiding strong heat sources and/or humidity.
    .Do not place your vape on top of other electronic devices.
    .Do not place heavy objects on top of your vape - do not compromise the structural integrity of the device.
    .Do not immerse your vape in any liquid
    .If you drop your vape and/or it suffers a high impact hit, inspect its exterior for any potential damage or possible leaking before using it again.
  • Q Who is suitable for using e-cigarettes?

    .People with any medical condition should check with their doctors before vaping.
    .Children and underage individuals (according to local regulations) shouldn’t purchase or use vape products.
    .Pregnant people should avoid any kind of vaping use, as it can be damaging for the fetus. Avoid using during the breast-feeding period as well.
  • Q How to be a HAPP wholesaler?

    A Thanks for your like to HAPP vape products. Please refer to the webpage: COOPERATION and fill up the forms! We will contact you soon.
  • Q How can I verify if my HAPP device is authentic?

    A Every HAPP package includes an authenticity QR code on its external side or back. Please use a QR code scanner (usually with a smartphone) to scan the code and follow the instructions on your screen. For more info about our authentication system, please check here:https://www.happvape.com/




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